Northcare – Covid-19 update


All of the homes within the Northcare Collection are supporting families and friends to visit their loved ones. We have specific requirements for visiting to ensure we protect all of our residents, staff and visitors as much as possible. The front of house team at any home can furnish visitors with any additional information they may require and also provide a status update on the visiting for each specific home should anything change from government guidance or specific covid activity in a particular home.


Staff and Residents will remain subject to the current and usual covid test regime which currently consists of daily Lateral Flow Device tests and weekly PCR tests for all staff. Residents will be tested ad hoc, as and when required.


The Northcare Collection homes are still supporting admissions subject to availability. We are facilitating video tours and face to face tours for enquirers and would be happy to accommodate the enquirers preference. Viewings can be booked in by emailing enquiries@northcare.co.uk or by calling the preferred home directly and making an appointment. All viewings that are facilitated face to face are subject to a negative Lateral Flow Device test on the day of the viewing by the enquirer.

Infection Prevention and Control

Northcare staff have all been rigorously training in infection prevention and control and we have an external infection control champion who supports our homes weekly through observations and on the floor staff training. All staff have all been made aware of the requirements for Infection Prevention and Control measures to remain a high priority and they will, naturally, follow the latest government guidance and company processes / protocols. We have stringent isolation, and associated policies and processes following any positive test result.


Northcare have many lines of defence against the virus entering our homes and all staff will endeavour to follow strict protocols to assist in preventing the virus from breaching our doors. If you have any queries or concerns regards your own / family situation and the services that Northcare provide please do not hesitate to contact us on enquiries@northcare.co.uk

Kind Regards

Margaret Sawers
Managing Director