Care Home Edinburgh 

Welcoming You to Our Family At Northcare Suites, Care home Edinburgh, a family-operated haven of care in the heart of Edinburgh, we cherish the deep-rooted values of compassion and connectivity. For over three decades, our name has been synonymous with excellence in personalized elder care. Stepping into our world, families find solace in knowing their loved ones are embraced by a community that not only cares but understands the nuanced needs of aging with dignity.

Northcare Suites: A Luxury Care Home in Edinburgh

With over 30 years’ experience in Scotland’s care sector, Northcare has woven a rich tapestry of service and dedication. In Edinburgh, a city known for its harmonious blend of history and modernity, our care home stands as a testament to enduring quality. Specializing in assisted living for those over 65 and providing specialist care for individuals living with dementia, our Edinburgh care home is a beacon of support and expertise.

Purpose-Built for Comfort and Elegance

Our premises at Northcare Suites are meticulously designed with our residents’ needs and comforts at the forefront. We cater to up to 76 clients, offering an environment that is both intimate and splendid. The single rooms are furnished to reflect the finest Scottish traditions of hospitality, each equipped with modern amenities to provide a seamless living experience. It’s not just a care home in Edinburgh; it’s a place our residents are proud to call home.

A Sanctuary of Leisure and Activity

Spread across four floors, our establishment balances personal living spaces with communal areas designed for leisure, learning, and entertainment. The top floor is a treasure trove of activities with a well-stocked library, an elegant salon, a welcoming visitor’s café, private dining spaces, and even a cinema room – all curated to enrich the lives of our residents and their guests.

Find Your Ideal Care Home in Edinburgh

Finding your ideal care home in Edinburgh doesn’t have to be a struggle. At Northcare, we understand the search for a care home can be overwhelming, especially when it’s for a loved one. This process can be made simpler with our service. We work to provide all the details you need to make an enquiry for the care home that suits your needs the most. Your search can be facilitated by consumer reviews and expert advice; both are available for each care home in Edinburgh.

The city has a diverse array of care homes that cater to a range of needs and preferences. You may call us to learn more about each care home. Our aim is to find you the perfect facility, whether you are looking for a general care home, a nursing home with high standards of care or a care home that provides palliative care. Repeat calls are welcome to ensure you have all the information you need.

Don’t just take our word for it though, consider the reviews of those who have experienced the services first-hand. They can give insights into the care homes you’re considering. So why wait? Start your search for the ideal care home in Edinburgh today with Northcare.

Welcoming you to our Home in the heart of Edinburgh

Welcome to our ‘home’ – a term we use affectionally to indicate the care, nurturing and warmth associated with a true home. Nestled in the vibrant heart of Edinburgh, our care home is much more than just a nursing facility; it’s a place where residents are truly made to feel at home. Through our dedicated efforts, we’ve set a standard for nursing care in Edinburgh, which is unparalleled.

Situated ideally in Edinburgh, our home offers the perfect balance of city life energy and homely calmness. Being in Edinburgh has several advantages – we’ve the best of healthcare, infrastructure, and other facilities, enabling us to provide the highest standards of nursing care. This is important, as proper care isn’t limited to just physical health – emotional and mental well-being too is equally important. Could there be a better place than Edinburgh for this?

Our commitment to care comes from a genuine warmth and welcoming nature, where every resident is treated like a family member. This is reflected in our testimonials, as family members of the residents have voiced their satisfaction repeatedly. Does it not figure then, that we are ranked amongst the best nursing homes in Edinburgh?

In essence, our home in charming Edinburgh isn’t just a nursing facility; it’s a place where everyone is welcomed with open arms and loving hearts. Do drop by for a visit, and let us welcome you to our home in Edinburgh.

The Rhythms of Life

Music, a timeless conduit of memories and emotions, has a special home at Northcare Suites. Our music room is a sanctuary where residents can journey through time, indulging in melodies from various eras, be it the warm crackle of LP records or the symphonies of classic composers.

Engagement Through Monthly Activities at our Care home In Edinburgh

At Northcare, we understand that an engaged mind is a vibrant one. Each month unfolds with a new palette of activities ranging from the tranquility of arts and crafts to the adventure of escorted outings. Our residents are not just living; they are thriving with every painted canvas and every shared story.

Embracing Inclusion and Community

Inclusion is at the core of our mission. Our assisted living facilities extend beyond the four walls to the cultural tapestry of Edinburgh, ensuring our residents remain an integral part of the community fabric. It’s more than care; it’s about continuing to be a participant in the bustling life of one of Scotland’s most beloved cities.

Strategically Located for Ease and Accessibility

Nestled within the embrace of Edinburgh’s local amenities and served by efficient public transport, Northcare Suites offers both tranquility and connectivity. Visits from friends and family become seamless, allowing for precious moments to be shared often and effortlessly.

Culinary and Social Experiences

The gastronomic delights of The Brasserie and the evening allure of the Castle Cocktail bar provide social and sensory experiences. Open daily, they serve as vibrant social hubs where laughter and conversation fill the air from 4 pm to 8 pm.

A Green Oasis in the City

Edinburgh’s reputation as one of the greenest cities in Scotland is reflected within the verdant landscapes of Northcare Suites. Our gardens are an oasis for the senses, with a sensory garden that offers a symphony of fragrances, colors, and the soothing sounds of nature.

Facilities for Family Memories

Our expansive grounds are also home to a putting green and a children’s play area, ensuring that family visits are full of joy and the creation of lasting memories.

Reaching Out to Northcare Suites

For inquiries about our Edinburgh care home facilities, or to arrange a visit and experience Northcare Suites firsthand, please reach out to our team at 0131 370 2159. Located at 100 Telford Road, Edinburgh, EH4 2NF, we are ready to welcome you and your loved ones to discover the Northcare difference.