Funding Guidance

At Northcare, we understand that navigating funding information is a crucial aspect of selecting a care home, often leading to stress and confusion. We are here to support you through this journey by offering comprehensive advice on funding options.

Government Assistance

You might qualify for government aid to cover some or all of your care expenses, depending on your personal circumstances.

The allocation of funding depends on whether your care needs are related to health or social care, as determined by Health or Social Care Professionals. To access funding, an assessment must be conducted to determine the level of support you require, which can be facilitated through your local social work department.

An assessment will evaluate your need for care within a care home, determining the level of care required. If this assessment confirms that your needs meet the local authority’s threshold for care home admission, a financial assessment will follow to determine your eligibility for financial support to cover the cost of care.

Your financial contribution towards care costs will be identified through this financial assessment, with specific thresholds determining the level of available funding.

If you are assessed as needing care home admission and your financial assessment shows assets below the threshold, you will qualify for local authority (LA) funding. This means the LA will evaluate your income, including pensions, to determine your contribution towards care, and will cover the remaining balance to meet the agreed LA-funded rate for care.

If your assets exceed the LA’s threshold, you may still qualify for free personal care and potentially free nursing care, provided you meet the LA’s criteria for nursing care. These allowances are applied towards your care costs, with the remaining balance being your responsibility, classified as self-funded care.

At Northcare, we recognise that not everyone eligible for government funding wishes to move into a care home. We welcome residents who choose to fully fund their own care.